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Eureka! The New York Post recently declared that it is acceptable to dress in althleisure wear, like sweats, to work – that is, if you want your employees to be productive (“If You Want Productive Employees, Let Them Wear Sweatpants” by Vicki Salemi). But not just any old sweats - well-fitting, presentable, cute sweats. We couldn’t agree more (wink wink). Check out our video displaying the benefits of comfy sweats  at work.

There is actual scientific research to back-up this bold - and welcome - statement. The New York Post states that according to Mike Slepian, adjunct assistant professor at Columbia Business School and author of “The Cognitive Consequences of Formal Clothing,” wearing casual clothing at work helps employees focus on getting tasks done. We always knew that was the case, but no one said it out loud – until now. According to the New York Post, companies like Turner (a public relations company) and Lion’esque Group (a retail consulting firm) have seen more productive, creative, happier workers in their casual wear.

The New York Post isn’t the only one to openly endorse sweats. This past year, slews of articles have been published about the growing acceptance of wearing sweats (or more casual clothes) to work.

Inc. Magazine published an article confirming that it's all about the science in What Research Says About What You Should Wear To Work by Tom Popomaronis. He says that according to research, a "more laid-back approach to dress can reduce stress while increasing collaboration."

Glamour Magazine published an article on January 21, 2016 – National Sweatpants Day - entitled, “The Secrets of Wearing Sweatpants to Work,” by Leah Melby. The article states that “there are more modern cuts and fits that can look surprisingly like proper trousers. When you find the perfect pair and style them just so, they can pass muster at most offices too.” Ms. Melby suggests wearing sweatpants with a slim fit cut – instead of the traditional baggy sweatpants or too skinny varieties which are nothing more than leggings. Again, we agree!

Alyssa Coscarelli, a Refinery29 blogger, wrote about wearing sweats to work in her article, “How To Wear Your Sweats to Work & Not Look Like a Slob.”  Ms. Coscarelli notes that with the right pairing, sweats can look put together enough to wear to work. She has loads of great ideas on how to dress up your sweats with cute accessories and shoes.

So let them wear sweats, and let the productivity flow!

Sweats at Work

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Pant Inseam: Measure from the top of your inner thigh to the bottom of your ankle. You can also measure the inseam of a similar style pant for comparison (measure from the inside crotch down the seam to the ankle).
Shrinkage: The sweatshirt material is mostly cotton and will shrink when washed. The pants will shrink approximately 1 inch in length if you line dry and about 2 inches in length if you put them in the dryer.  The width will shrink a little as well, but will give a little when worn (just like your favorite jeans).
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